Kam Natt

Founder & Director of Kreative Marketing Agency Ltd, 26y/o. After studying Event Management at University, I went onto working within many corporate London event and marketing companies specialising in roles of digital marketing, social media management and marketing and communications till finally starting up my own marketing agency last year.

Specialising in web design and digital marketing, I will be teaching the Wix workshop alongside Konsept MA, where I will touch on many creative aspects of this interactive cloud based website builder. You will learn a wide scope of website building aspects from adding content and multimedia to enhancing your site’s SEO and personalising your site through tailored apps such as social media feeds and booking forms.

I hope to inspire and help other small business owners or entrepreneurs/solopreneurs who may want to expand and grow their own business digitally and provide my expertise and knowledge of web design to enhance others businesses or solo projects.

For further information on the course please contact me on 07342 631 659 or email [email protected]