Q and A

Who is this for?

● Anyone who wants a website that they can update and maintain themselves to save time and money!
● Small business owners/ solopreneurs who have or are thinking about
starting up their own business
● Anyone who wants a cost effective simple website that they can update
and maintain themselves.
● A TOTAL beginner with little or no technical skills
● Perfect for a start-up business or not for profit organisations
● A small business owner who needs a professional website that is easy and quick to
set up

What will I learn?

● Learn the basics of either Wix or WordPress to achieve a basic functioning website; create and design your website easily and professionally
● How to create, manage and update your own fully functioning website with the knowledge learnt from our course
● How to connect domain names and hosting to make your site live and published
● How to link social media pages to your website

Why are you offering this?

To offer small business owners/ solopreneurs/those starting up their own businesses advice and step by step clear/ easy to digest knowledge on how to setup and design a basic website to get their businesses off the ground and on the web.
● We want to share our experience and knowledge of each starting up our own businesses from ground up.
● To inspire others to create and design website themselves, learn these basic skills to utilise for many other project and to expand our network of small business owners and solopreneurs within our local area
●We wish to share our knowledge and experience to inspire others to create websites for themselves, expanding our network of small business owners and solopreneurs within our local area.

What is WordPress?

Once a just a ‘blogging platform’ wordpress allows you to create fully functional websites and mobile applications. All you need is a internet connection and web browser and you have everything you need to create your website.

Used by brands such as CNN, Disney and LinkedIn wordpress is easy to use, update and flexible to manage through built in features and plugins to optimise your site.

  • Perfect for both a blog and a website
  • Over 4000 professionally designed themes
  • Add complex business features using easy to use plugins. No coding necessary
  • WordPress is over 10 years old and has developed over the years into the worlds most popular web publishing system
  • SEO friendly; wordpress has a framework that is easy to search through.As a result most search engines prefer sites powered by wordpress.

What skills do I need?

This beginner course requires no technical skill or HTML knowledge to complete; if you have a reasonable working knowledge of using the computer and Internet this course is perfect – even if you have no prior knowledge of using WordPress or Wix.

What do I need to bring?

● LAPTOP- laptop chargers, ensure laptops can connect to wifi
● Notebook, pen/pencil
● Business cards
● Any questions you may have